Improving your patient experience will keep your patients happy and your office running smoothly. Your patients are more likely to keep coming back and recommend your office to others when they have a positive experience. Implement a few of these practices in your office to improve experiences.

Presentation Matters

Make a good impression on your patients when you have an office and a practice that visually represents the quality of your service. Aside from your actual office, there are other things that also represent you, such as your website. Patients may be forming opinions of your practice before they even step foot in your office. Ensure that your online presence is strong and paints an accurate picture of what kind of office you are. Present your practice is a professional manner both online and in-person to improve your patient experience and adequately represent your office.

Show Respect

Help your patients feel valued by the way that you treat them. Committing to the attention and respect you show to patients will surely set the tone of your entire office. When a patient feels that they are valued, they are much more likely to come back. Train your staff to consistently provide a standard of excellence when it comes to their service. To ensure that this standard is accomplished, implement patient reviews for feedback and training for staff.

Improved Communication

Poor communication is one of the most frustrating things to deal with—for both patients and employees. Be sure to provide clear communication to improve everyone’s experience. Here are a few tips to improve your communication with patients:

  • Answer the phone as soon as quickly as possible.
  • Be helpful and willing to help.
  • Make eye contact and smile when interacting with patients.
  • If patients are restless about their treatment, be reassuring.
  • Ask if there is anything else you can do for patients before they go.

Better communication can eliminate many of your patient’s issues with your practice and frustration on your end too!

Be Timely

Being prompt and timely with your patients will go a long way. Answer the phone quickly. Do your best to not keep patients on hold for long periods. Return phone calls and emails at timely as possible. Establish a standard timeframe with staff to ensure accountability and timeliness.

Though it is not always avoidable, do what you can to prevent keeping patients waiting for appointments. If they are waiting, check-in with them, give them updates and let them know how long they will likely be waiting. Be sure not to keep patients waiting unnecessarily.

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