The verification of benefits process is especially important for therapists and mental health practitioners.

One of the biggest challenges you’re likely to face when attempting to verify benefits involves the simple fact that insurers don’t like to pay claims. Consequently, they don’t make it easy to navigate the process. Understaffing and bureaucracy make the process even more complicated and time-consuming.

Wouldn’t it be invaluable if you had resources who could handle this important process on your behalf?

Why Verification of Benefits Is Critical in Behavioral Health

Determining whether a patient has the right coverage to pay for your services helps ensure that your revenue cycle runs efficiently and that cash flow goes uninterrupted.

If your practice accepts insurance, you undoubtedly attract a wider range of patients than those who require patients to pay for their services directly. Insurance claims denials occur most frequently because the patient simply wasn’t covered for the service you provided. So, unless you obtain a verification of benefits, you could have trouble getting paid for your services.

The Challenges of Insurance Eligibility Verification for Therapists

Verifying a patient’s eligibility for mental health benefits is significantly more complicated than getting a simple “yes” or “no” as to whether the patient has coverage. The amount of information you must obtain is significant and, without all of it, you will likely see your insurance billings be delayed or come back as denied.

Verifying that you are in the patient’s network, that they have coverage for the specific services you provide, and whether they have a co-pay or deductible is just the beginning. You need to know if coverage limits are in place, if they still have yearly deductible to meet, where and how to submit your billing, etc.

Sometimes the process requires chasing down the right number to call, wading through automated system prompts, holding interminably, making multiple calls and follow-ups, etc. Now imagine having to repeat this process for every patient.

How a Mental Health Billing Services Provider Can Help

Instead of you or one of your staff members chasing down benefits verifications, consider using a professional behavioral health billing services company to handle this critical function. Professionals have the industry knowledge necessary to get all the information necessary, quickly and efficiently. Consequently, these services can be surprisingly affordable.

When you choose Threshold Billing Solutions to assist you, you can save time and resources, freeing you and your staff up to perform your primary functions. We get approvals quickly, so you can move forward with the services your clients need.

As a part of our full-service psychology billing services, Utah therapists and other mental health practitioners can look forward to fewer denials and faster turnaround of insurance claims. When it comes to getting you paid, we don’t like to take no for an answer – and our persistence pays off for you.

Contact us now to request a consultation or to learn more about our mental health verification of benefits services in Utah.