Online bill pay allows your clients to complete their payments with either single or electronic payments from a bank, credit union, or credit card. Online bill pay is straightforward, convenient, secure, and helps to make things easier on both you and our client. It keeps your bills organized and helps you to keep track of due dates. Setting up a one-time or recurring payment online eliminates a lot of hassle. Online payment also offers the opportunity to pay the entire balance, the minimum amount, or other amounts.

1. Convenience

Online payments are the most convenient way to pay. Most of your clients likely have access to a computer or mobile device where they can quickly and conveniently make payments when needed. The internet is so accessible now, it’s really a must to have online bill pay as an option for any business. Many providers include a pre-schedule or automatic option that allows payments to be made automatically and electronically without any prompting. This convenience cannot be beaten.

2. Simplification

Paying online makes the billing process much simpler. It eliminates paper waste, makes payments more accessible, and allows you to consolidate payments. When you receive online payments, it’s easier to stay organized with all of the payments organized in one place electronically. Make things simpler with online bill pay options.

No. 3: Security

Online payments provide a better level of security. There are added security measures to protect online portals from hackers. With strong cybersecurity, you can rest assured that your information is protected and in a secure location.

4. Avoid Missing Payments

When you provide the convenience of online payments and automatic bill pay, you can decrease the amount of missing and late payments you deal with. When you give options like online bill pay and automatic payment plans, there aren’t many excuses for missing a payment. Removing as many obstacles as possible will lessen missing and late payments.

No. 5: Save Time

Online payments just take a few minutes. Once you’ve set up your payment information online, it typically only takes a few clicks and a minute or two to complete your payment. If you’ve set up automatic payments, it will take no time at all! When making payment is quick, clients are much more likely to make their payments and to make them on time.

For more information on how online billing can change your company, contact Threshold Billing Solutions. Online billing can completely change the way you handle billing. We are focused on making your billing as easy as possible. At Threshold Billing Solutions, we are dedicated to freeing up your time so that you can spend more of it with your patients.