Behavioral health billing can be a frustrating process for providers. They waste precious time trying to meet the various needs of insurance when they would rather spend it with patients. That’s where Threshold Billing Solutions comes in. Our years of experience and highly effective procedures simplify the behavioral health billing process. Giving you the time you need to focus on treating your patients.

Threshold Billing’s Vision

Our vision is to drive change and empower facilities to reach their full potential by allowing them to focus on what matters most, the patient’s treatment and recovery. We dedicate ourselves to giving individualized focus to each patient. By using tried and true practices and highly efficient software, we can provide you with the peace of mind that each step is handled with care. Threshold Billing manages your full revenue cycle. From fast verification of benefits to the conclusion of claims processing. We take on the time-consuming work of dealing with the various insurance companies. By setting up reminders for things like upcoming URs, information requests, policy changes, and more you will know that each step has been completed correctly. We want to ensure that each patient’s behavioral health billing is taken care of in a timely manner, so you can provide the best treatment possible.

Our Mission

“Driven by passion and experience, we are dedicated to shaping the future of recovery by demonstrating unprecedented value and creating opportunities for all individuals in need of treatment.” Threshold Billing is built on a foundation of many years of experience in the behavioral health billing industry. There is rarely a straightforward answer to the roadblocks in insurance. This creates added stressors for patients, their families, and their providers. Our experienced team has done the work to understand the complexities of insurance. We can manage the entire process from start to finish. It takes more than knowledge and experience to provide that unprecedented value. We have seen and experienced the struggles of addiction, and the joy that comes with recovery. The majority of our passion comes from personal experience. We know how it feels to overcome addiction, lose family members, and watch friends and family work towards recovery. Our personal experiences drive us. We want our facilities and their patients to know that Threshold Billing is on their side, and we are advocating for them every day.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Verification of Benefits
  • Authorizations & Utilization Reviews
  • Billing & Negotiations
  • Weekly Claim Follow Up
  • Refund Requests
  • Denial Management & Appeals

We know that revenue cycle management is an important part of a facility’s business. We can cater our services to meet your facility’s needs and maximize your results. Threshold Billing will do everything possible to simplify the process. You can rest assured that your behavioral health billing is done right.

Threshold Billing in the Future

As we expand and hire more employees, we would like to create opportunities for people who are in recovery and are looking for their next step in maintaining a sober lifestyle. We know that the stability of a set schedule and regular paycheck can help individuals keep from reverting to back to old habits. We want to provide the opportunity to recent graduates to successfully move into the next stage of their lives. By working at Threshold Billing Solutions, they will be working with a team who is passionate about recovery and can show them that there is life after addiction.

Working with Us

Choosing Threshold Billing Solutions for your revenue cycle management allows you to focus on patient care. Our dedicated team is truly passionate about the success of each patient. Contact Threshold Billing today to get a tailored revenue cycle management plan. Find out how our unique payment structure helps you maximize reimbursement and control costs.